Cloud VOIP Solutions

Reduce your overheads by making everyone aware of the high telephone expenses they generate.

Odds are, you already realise the advantages of VoIP over traditional office phone systems—from lowering costs to enhancing your anytime, anywhere productivity. Move your VoIP to the cloud to realise even more advantages. Our cloud VoIP and IT services can help you make the switch now—without exhausting your IT resources.

Accelerate your migration to cloud VoIP

Reach your customer satisfaction and collaboration goals faster with cloud VoIP.

Even with the popularity of messaging apps, telephony is still vital for engaging employees, clients and customers. But how do you make a traditional technology like telephony enhance rather than hold back your productivity as your workstyle continues to become more mobile and team-oriented?

With cloud VoIP from MDS, corporate telephony becomes portable with your workers and their devices. And VoIP infrastructure becomes hosted to help minimize telephony costs, ensure business continuity and integrate cloud services such as call recording and managed cloud storage and security. Our managed IT services can help you implement and expertly maintain your VoIP services.

Work anywhere, never miss a call

Improve customer and client satisfaction with great phone experiences.

Gain an important competitive edge with cloud VoIP in being able to reliably answer important phone calls 24/7. Whether the calls are sent to you or intelligently re-routed to a globally distributed workforce or call center, your customers and clients will always benefit from a consistent experience as if they had reached you in your office.

Caller ID can even show the identification of your office. Easy integration of cloud services can help you maintain your organisation’s branding and telephony compliance with industry or legal regulations when you take calls away from the office phones on alternate devices.

VOIP Disaster Recovery Services

Maintain uptime for competitive business continuity

Redirect VOIP Calls on Mobile

Boost your reputation and social footprint.

Solve the problem of hidden costs with PSTN and traditional VoIP due to a lack of guaranteed uptime. With cloud VoIP, your telephony can continue to operate through disaster recovery—and uphold your organization’s reputation with your customers or clients.

Thanks to advanced hosted PBX, even if there is a network outage, calls can be simultaneously delivered to your mobile device, home phone and other designated devices to maintain business as usual. Now, you can help avoid lost revenues and business opportunities while accelerating time to recovery.

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