Print Management Solutions

The right information in the right place in the right format

See your entire output ecosystem — understand your true costs. Uncover often-overlooked elements like mobile printing, records management and how enterprise content management contributes to output, so you have a firm grasp on true hard and soft costs.

Managed Print Services

The right information in the right place in the right format

Build a strategy that meets demand today and accelerates growth tomorrow. Develop a strategy that meets your business’ specific goals for seamlessly and securely creating, storing and using information on-site or in the cloud. Leverage strategic consulting expertise to optimize core technology and build an agile framework to scale business operations, enhance customer experience, make more data-driven business decisions and accelerate your digital transformation.

Centralize output management — maximize ROI and minimize total cost of print (TCOP). Create a single point of control for oversight and management of output to help safeguard information and optimize processes to reduce expenses, minimize TCOP and support sustainability.

Environmental sustainability

A comprehensive model for sustainability optimisation supports your ‘green’ initiatives as part of your larger strategic goals.

Controlling costs

Controlling costs related to people, process and technology throughout the document lifecycle delivers consistent, long-term savings.

Information security and governance

Information governance mitigates costs and risk of non-compliance to secure information capital in he interest of building trust with your customers.

Optimising information

Finding new ways to get the right information, at the right time, in the right form helps optimise the value of your information.

End user productivity

Improving the availability and use of business critical information makes end users more productive, fosters innovation and improves business agility.

Strategic infrastructure

Anticipating and aligning an organisation’s infrastructure with IT business objectives delivers scalability, flexibility and secures information access.

Managing change

Realising the benefits of transforming business critical document processes depends on engaging staff to successfully change behaviour.

Streamlining processes

Effective processes improve response to customers, shortens sales cycles, and increases knowledge sharing and collaboration to help grow your business.

The Print Management Solution will aim to provide:

We deliver MPS through an adaptive, customer-centric, five-phased approach as depicted in our MPS Adaptive Model. We’re with you through every step, tailoring recommendations to your business model, and creating continuous improvement so you reach and sustain your business goals.
Effective and true cost allocations to users, cost centres and devices.
Effective reporting on all users, devices, cost centres and overall company
Better control over abuse on equipment with rules base engine management.
Centralised management for easier accessibility of all aspects of Print Management Solution soft