Cloud Based E-Billing

E-Billing is a comprehensive and affordable enterprise and SMME document delivery solution

E-Billing allows you to send invoices, statements and other financial documents such as payslips, contracts or policies electronically, while providing an easy electronic payment solution for your customers.

E-Billing is used by Blue Chip South African companies in many industries from financial institutions, retail, insurance, marketing, manufacturing and government agencies.

Electronic Document Delivery

Electronic Document Delivery is a must for any SMME or enterprise. Getting vital financial documents to your customers quickly is critical to your business. Yet often the time taken to process data for print or to send these documents takes far too long.

Your finance department is swamped by customers who want their invoices resent to them, or who want to query a line item, yet you can’t access the customer records in real time. There is no audit trail to show the customer had received the invoice. And there is no quick retrieval system for associated physical documents such as purchase orders and delivery notes.

Save Money And Improve Your Cash Flow

When calculating the cost of traditional postal delivery, paper, printing, envelopes, fulfilment and exorbitant postage stamp fees, EBILLING becomes a “no-brainer”. EBILLING enables you to deliver documents securely and reliably with all the added benefits of full colour documents, delivery audit reports, personalised marketing messages and much more – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional postal methods.

Previously you had to take up valuable and costly floor space to store your financial and supply chain documents or incur the cost of an off-site document storage provider. Now EBILLING provides you with a cost-effective and compliant archive without the costs and complexity of paper or onsite digital archive. EBILLING securely archives documents as composed electronic files and enables employees around the globe to access them via a user-friendly, web-based interface. No risk, no hardware costs, no complexity.

E-Billing Benefits

  • Compliant

    Compliant with SARS, ECT, Companies Act, King Commission, POPI, CPA and Banking Regulation

  • Secure

    Creates legal and tamperproof electronic documents in a 128bit encrypted PDF format

  • Fast

    Quick Implementation: Be up and running in days

  • Easy To Implement

    Seamless integration with current systems, no systems integration required Software-as-a-Service – no hardware or software is required on site

  • Easy Access

    Allows quick access to customer records, real time response to customer queries, improving customer service, customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • ROI

    Ensures immediate Return on Investment with zero capital expenditure outlay