Business Software and Services

Boost your efficiency and competitive edge with business software. Extend your team’s impact with leading business services.

Printers and multifunction devices are only a part of our story. We have built a software and services offering that can help organisations adapt to today’s quickly evolving world through a digital transformation.

MDS Financing Options

Financing Options

Fintech offer you total flexibility to ensure the right fit to suit your business. You can enjoy the very latest in digital technology without any capital expenditure

MDS E-Billing Solutions


Our E-Billing solution has a sophisticated archiving and distribution system at its core, you are able to deliver financial documents to customers safely, quickly and affordably.

Print Management Solutions

Print Management

Empower your workers to create, store and use information more effectively, reduce cost and waste by optimizing processes and technology across your ecosystem.



MDS enterprise content management (ECM) solution centralises and organises your information and reduces manual processes with workflow automation

Power Solutions

MDS Power Solutions also offers tailor made solutions for Solar Power which is a cost effective and long term answer to power constraints.

Cloud VOIP Solutions

The solution is hosted via 2 x PBX systems. This approach ensures that you will always have an always on phone system for your entire business.

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